Conference Theme

“The Faithful Imagination”

Image result for William Blake illustration of imagination

The 2018 Lewis and Friends Colloquium will highlight the specific theme of “The Faithful Imagination.” That the specific authors we study (and some related authors we have wrongly neglected) share a common interest in the integration of faith and the imagination is sometimes overshadowed by the attention paid to their integration of faith and reason.

In keynote addresses, panel discussions, paper presentations, and creative work of all kinds, we hope to explore the range of meanings of “The Faithful Imagination” in Lewis, MacDonald, Tolkien, Sayers, Williams, Barfield, Chesterton, Lewis Carroll, Neville Coghill, Christopher Fry, and other 19th and 20th Century imaginative religious writers.

Of course, it goes without saying that there will be the usual dramatic performances, board games, late night singalongs, excellent meals, and our world-class Lewis and Friends pop-up bookstore. This year’s colloquium will also include a rare and used Inklings book sale. You really MUST join us.