Registration Information

Welcome to our registration page. From here you can follow the easy link below to our RegOnline registration site. Please pay attention as you consider the specific packages and extras available to you.

Our already low costs are even more affordable if you choose the complete packages. Why do so other than the obvious savings?

The Lewis and Friends Colloquium has always been a meeting of friends, as Lewis writes, “absorbed in some common interest.” In our case, that interest is this amazing group of writers, as well as the amazing group of thinkers and artists with whom we will share three days. The colloquium is designed for a group of friends who eat together, talk together, browse our pop-up book store together, and play late-night board games in the dorms together (not to mention sing-alongs). In short, the colloquium is packed rather tightly. You never know what you might miss if you get separated on the trail.

The complete packages ($325 for a double room, $375 for a single room, $199 for undergraduates) include conference registration, residence hall housing for three nights, and eight meals (including the Saturday night banquet and the Sunday brunch).

Please be aware that on May 15, a late registration fee of $50 will be added.

For those who may want to stay in local hotels or may want to eat your meals in local restaurants, a separate registration fee (with specific add-ons) is given as an option. We are confident, however, that you will not find a better bargain (don’t tell my business manager, but our complete package prices are the same in 2018 as they were in 2014, and the student price is actually lower).

Note: Transportation from Indianapolis Airport is possible through Hoosier Shuttle. Contact: Once you have those arrangements, contact us for pick up from the local drop off site.

Follow the link below to register. Please contact us if you have any further questions about registration.

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Questions regarding independent book sales:

In order to support a bookstore for the 2018 Colloquium, we want to preclude independent sales which could provide direct competition for the Colloquium bookstore and additionally create confusion for Colloquium participants.

Consequently, if you wish to sell copies of your book(s), please contact Stephen Richardson, Manager, Taylor Campus Bookstore, Email:  You can communicate with Stephen about quantities, ordering requirements, and terms.